One Body | One Gathering

One Body

Christ’s church is one body. One important way we can cultivate this oneness is by gathering all together.

Sunday mornings | 9:30 am

One Gathering

On June 2, we will begin uniting in one weekly worship service. We’re calling this change “One Body, One Gathering.”
We know that Christ’s church is one body (1 Corinthians 12:12–13; Ephesians 4:4). As a local church, one way we can manifest and cultivate our oneness is by gathering all together, at least once a week. Many of us don’t know each other well, newcomers are wanting to get connected, and people are longing for deeper relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is for this reason that we have begun to gather as One Body | One Gathering.

We recognize that change can be both exciting and challenging. Our team has been busy working out the details, which are available below. There will certainly be inconveniences, stumbles, and side effects along the way. We’re committed to working through these with you, as we believe that the biblical values we’re cultivating and the benefits we’ll enjoy will far outweigh the challenges.


When will the service be held and will there be an equipping hour? We'll all gather together at 9:30 am until around 10:45 am. Our equipping hour will run from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, with adult classes, age-based ministries, and other occasional opportunities to meet, learn, fellowship, serve, and pray.
Why is the service first and the equipping hour second? We've considered both options. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Overall, we want to start the morning together, singing God's praises and hearing his word and seeking his face, before mobilizing to our different classes to be equipped for the days ahead. Over the summer, we'll assess how it's going and make adjustments as needed.
Where will the kids be? We'll have preschool ministry for infants-kindergarten at both 9:30 and 11:00 am, though we'd love for parents to bring your youngest ones to the service as well! Our elementary, middle school, and high school students will join us in the service at 9:30 am, then meet with their own ministries at 11:00 am. We're excited to have our families together in the service, and we'll provide further direction as we go.
What if kids struggle to sit in the service? First, we're excited to have our kids joining us! We want to welcome them with open hearts. We've observed that most kids can participate appropriately in our gatherings. Our ministry leaders are also ready to help with resources, support, and training as needed. We encourage all our members to welcome families, encourage parents, and help in thoughtful ways.
What if I have a child with special needs, or in a unique season? Our ministry leaders will be in touch with any families with special needs in order to support you. We also know there are always families in unique seasons with their children, and we encourage you to connect with the ministry leader over your child's age group for guidance and support.
What equipping classes will be offered? We'll continue offering equipping classes each summer, fall, and spring during our 11:00 am equipping hour. These classes will be publicized through all our digital channels.
Will we all fit in the Worship Center? Yes. We've been tracking our attendance, and with some room adjustments, everyone fits. The room will be full, but that's what you do in a family! Over time, we can make some final room modifications to add a few dozen more chairs. The overflow room will help along the way, and we're making small improvements to that room to help with focus and fellowship.
Will there be ushers? Yes, we will have ushers to help everyone get seated.
Isn't an overflow room like a second service, just on a screen? Yes and no. An overflow room is certainly not ideal. We won't encourage use of the overflow room till we've filled every space in the sanctuary. But even with an overflow room, everyone's on campus at the same time, coming and going together, and experiencing the same service and equipping hour schedule. We'll also have ushers in the overflow room to help with guests, communion, questions, or needs.
How can I help? Thanks for asking! Here are some ways:
• Park in the south garage to make space for newcomers or those with limited mobility. We'll need 50+ more cars to park in the garage.
• Come early, find a seat, and fellowship in the sanctuary so we're all in place when the service begins.
• Move to the middle of the row. Leaving the ends open makes it smoother for everyone to get settled.
• Help the ushers as they help everyone find a seat-especially groups, late arrivers, or those with limited mobility.
• Make room (with a smile!). Yes, you might be blessed with the opportunity to move to make space for others!
• Be hospitable. A warm welcome is the way of Christ. We want to welcome others as we've been welcomed by Christ!
• Jump in to serve. Every member is both gifted and called to serve. As you see needs, or as we publicize needs, lean into ways you can help.
Who do I talk with if I have questions, concerns, or suggestions? If you're a member, you can start with your shepherding elder. You can also contact the church office at Our staff pastors are also available. We want more communication, not less, so let us know what's on your mind!
Is this just for the summer? No, we're planning on continuing into the fall and beyond, pending our attendance. At the same time, the summer is a good time to track how it's going. So we'll learn, adjust, and refine, with everyone's help!
Will we ever consider adding a second service? We'll continue tracking our attendance carefully. If we're trending toward filling every seat in our sanctuary plus an overflow room, we'll be considering all ideas: room expansion, additional overflow space, adding a service again, even church planting. But our main goal is to express our unity in Christ by strengthening our fellowship as one body. So we want to gather as one for as long as we can! Please join us in praying for wisdom.
What should I do if I'm frustrated about this? We understand that change can be frustrating. We'd ask first that you prayerfully let the changes sink in. Take in the vision as we lay out the biblical values we're seeking to foster. If your concerns linger, please talk with us. We want to hear what's on your mind and how this change is impacting you or your family. Along the way, ask yourself how you can serve so we're all thinking like contributors. Overall, keep the "One Body, One Gathering" vision in mind as we move through the adjustment period. Our goal is to strengthen our oneness, unity, and fellowship. Instead of a "full flight," think of the room as a "full family".

Questions? We want to hear from you.

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