Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

What an amazing week!

What an amazing Missions Week we had this year! From the Sunday messages that challenged us to be people who make disciples and for the love of God to control us, to the great conversations with many Ministry Partners at Come & See and Next Steps Night, to insights from our International Zoom Call, to children, youth, men and women gatherings, to meals, coffee, and Life Group get togethers, we had a week of rich blessings.

Please Pray

One ongoing desire is for us to be a church family that regularly prays for our ministry partners. Our Ministry Partner directory is a great tool to help with our prayers. We encourage you to faithful pray. For example, if you pray for one Ministry Partner a day, then you can pray for each of them in just over a month. Imagine the fruit if all 400+ of us prayed everyday. One of our women who uses the directory to pray has a list of great prayer prompts which we have listed below.

MW24 Project Goals

In addition to our regular Missions giving, each year during Missions Week we work together on significant Great Commission projects. This year we are working towards raising $50,000 for the two projects described below.
1. MW24 Sri Lanka Team | We are sending a six person team to Sri Lanka this summer. We hope to give $5,000 to help with their financial support.
2. MW24 SOS Project | Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) is launching a 3 year bachelor’s degree program at their Shepherds Training College. We hope is to give $45,000 to educate and sustain 3 pastors and their families as they prepare themselves for a lifetime pastoral role in the church in Uganda.

Prayer Prompts

Ministry Partner Directories - Use the directory to daily pray for one of our ministry partners. Directories are available at the church upon request. Here is a list of prayer prompts, Pray for:
• Wisdom and direction for them in their ministry
• Unity with their team and organization
• Their marriage to be strong and children to be healthy and walking with the Lord
• Favor with the government and local regional authorities
• Finances and the funds to do their ministry
• Good health and protection from illness
• Personal/immediate requests
• Great fruit in their work


Click or scan below to give to missions. Please select the fund below from the dropdown menu: MW24  Projects (SOS and Sri Lanka team)

Our Vision

To help the church fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission & boldly go into the world and make disciples of all nations

What we do in local outreach

  • We train our people in sharing the Gospel in their sphere of influence (family, friends, colleagues, etc) and discipleship making movement tools.
  • We promote involvement  and give financially to a number of specific outreach ministries that work with pregnancy centers, adoptive care, sex trafficking, prison ministries, urban disadvantaged and refugee transitions.
  • We go out into our nearby community on the 1st and 3rd Saturday’s from 10am-Noon to meet our neighbors and find out how we can pray for them and introduce them to Jesus if they are interested.
  • Each Fall we invite our neighbors to our church for a Fall Festival of fun and food to encourage and bless our community families.

What we do in global missions

We recruit, evaluate, select, mobilize, support, and care for missionaries/partners who engage in:
  • Evangelizing to the unreached, and the least-reached peoples, in the US and abroad
  • Church planting
  • Discipleship & church leadership development
  • Theological education of pastors and Christian workers in the mission fields
We also inform and encourage the congregation to participate in the mission opportunities such as:
  • Taking short-term mission trips
  • Serving in the committee, support, or prayer teams

How to get involved

1.  Learning and getting information
  • Check the Missions Week directory for emails newsletter updates of ministry partners
  • Contact the Missions team for additional information about missions opportunities.
2.  Praying
  • Set aside some time each week to pray for our ministry partners.
  • Adopt ministry partners and pray for them with your family, friends, or life group.
  • Start a prayer group specifically for our ministry partners.
3.  Caring
  • Contact the Missions team and join a care team to minister to our ministry partners.
4.  Going
  • Go on a short-term mission trip to “test your hearts for missions.”
  • Begin thinking about long-term mission’s opportunities, talk to the Missions Team
  • Consider some of our local intercultural outreach ministries.
5.  Mobilizing
  • Be a source of connection, encouragement, and support for our current and future partners. Work with the Missions team to encourage others within BridgePoint to take their next steps in missions.

Join the mission

Is the Lord moving in your heart to serve through missions?

If you are interested in serving through missions, our Missions Committee would love to hear from you! Simply click the button below to request more information and someone will be in contact with you soon!

Encourage our ministry partners

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.