Preparing for COVID-19

Dear Church Family,

As many of you prepare for the spread of coronavirus in Houston, we want to let you all know that the staff and elders are monitoring the situation closely.

Here are some details pertaining to our church:

  • We have a coronavirus advisory team that is making recommendations to the elders. This team is made up of health professionals, a school administrator, and community organizers.
  • We ask you to stay at home when you are sick. You can still join our service via live stream:
  • Be extra vigilant about basic flu/cold/cough protocol (see CDC website for more information).

Most importantly, rest confidently that “Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases” (Psalm 115:3). Through this virus, I believe that our church has been given the opportunity to display the joy and hope we have in Christ to a fearful world.

Be watchful for ways you can serve those around you during this time. And remember, Jesus Christ is your hope today—remember to share that good news with those around you!

Pastor Jeremy Griswold 

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