Pastoral Update

BridgePoint family,

It was good to know that so many of you joined together online this past Sunday for our live service. So many of you shared about the rich time you had in your own homes as you sensed the Spirit encouraging us together. I’m grateful for our musicians, staff, and technicians who led us so well, both up front and behind the scenes.

As you know, the situation throughout the world changes day by day. I haven’t wanted to fill up your in-boxes constantly, but do want to stay in touch as things develop. With Houston’s “Stay at Home” directive being enacted tonight, we’re all preparing for a new phase. Please continue using our website at to hear updates, report needs, offer to help, or get connected.

We’re still looking forward to being with you online this Sunday, no matter what format is required. I know that the Spirit will once again bind our hearts together in perfect unity, because he can’t be bound. So many of you are already staying connected through our shepherding elders, Life Groups, ministry teams, and personal connections. Keep being proactive and reaching out to check on each other—I already see God training us to be a far more intentional community that encourages each other every day (Hebrews 3:13)!

On a personal note, I’ve been writing regularly at, including the prayer I prayed on Sunday. I hope some of what I share might be encouraging to you. The Gospel Coalition is also providing biblical, practical, and timely articles through their Coronavirus resourcessection.

I learned through Hurricane Harvey that our first response in these times is to be humbled by the sovereign power of God and our own vulnerabilities. As a pastor, I long to hear from each of you about how you’re doing, and I wish I could be there and encourage each of you individually. But I have learned that while I am a pastor, I am not a Savior, and while I am your brother, I am not the Holy Spirit. God is our refuge and strength, and I know that you will find his fortress strong and safe as you draw nearer to him in these days.

Please pray earnestly for those among us serving in the medical field, those losing jobs or laying off their own employees, those facing unrelated trials and feeling forgotten, those feeling tremendous family strains, and those who are physically most vulnerable.

We will never forget this time of disruption. Not only because it’s a historic, worldwide experience, but because God is going to teach us so much. I am so thankful for what he’s already teaching me. We are completely in his hands, and that’s no cliche. So with cheerful hearts, we’ll take things day by day, content in any and every circumstance that comes our way. What a good thing to have a heavenly Father!


Pastor Gunner Gundersen

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