Moms Together

FALL 2022- SPRING 2023

At Moms Together, we truly love being a place to connect and encourage moms! Our group is a safe place for ALL moms of little ones (ages birth through pre-k) to share and listen, laugh and cry, learn and grow. We believe that together we can better navigate this precious, yet often challenging, season of motherhood. We pray you will feel known and loved by your time with us!

Moms in the west Houston area with at least one child age birth through pre-kindergarten. Enrollment in BELA during Moms Together is included for all your children through pre-k.

Moms Together connects moms of little ones to help them find community, support, and refreshment while their little ones participate in our preschool program. On our meeting days, the children go to their classes while moms enjoy coffee and breakfast. After a speaker or activity, we dedicate plenty of time to discussing and connecting with the mamas at your assigned table, which is the same each meeting.

Every other Tues | 9 AM- 12 PM  | Aug  30, 2022 - May 2, 2023

BridgePoint Bible Church | Upstairs in the Youth Room

$90/ mom for the year. No additional charge for enrolling all your children through age pre-k in BELA during our meetings.

If you choose either of these additional options, you will receive follow-up communication from our BELA staff to complete the enrollment process and make payment.

Instead of picking up your child by noon after the Moms Together meeting time, the full day option allows your child to remain in BELA until 2 PM.  The cost is $180 per child for the year.

This option allows you to enroll your child to the same BELA class from 9 AM-2 PM on the Tuesdays opposite our Moms Together meetings. The yearly tuition is broken down into monthly payments of $75 per child.

*All registrations will be processed in order of receipt.

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We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions. Please email us by clicking the button below.