English Club

Due to COVID-19, all events, classes and gatherings will not meet in person until Sept 13. Beginning Sept 13 we will begin to meet in-person for worship services. However, our campus will remain closed for classes and gatherings until further notice. Please join us for streamed messages each Sunday at 10:45 AM (click here to view the message). Join us often for updates (click here for updates), opportunities to connect through technology and resources.

Let's Talk English Club @ BridgePoint Bible Church
Practice conversational English with Energy Corridor Internationals! If English is your second language and you'd like more practice with others in the community, we invite you to our conversational English Club.


September 2020 Update: At this time we are not holding in-person meetings. However, our club will continue to offer one-on-one Zoom meetings with English tutors for informal conversation and practice. Zoom meetings could include speaking, reading, writing, and using English lesson materials or the Bible, depending on the desire of the learner. We welcome any level of English: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Fill out the registration form below and we will contact you!
For more information or questions, click here to email.