Adult Ministries

Life Groups


Life Groups are small group communities composed of 8-12 people from various ages/stages of life. They generally meet once a week for 1 ½ - 2 hours in someone’s home. Some groups share a meal or light snack with one another, pray together, share their lives, take on an occasional service project and, of course, get into God’s word. It is a great way to grow in community. If you'd like more information about getting connected at BridgePoint, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Equipping Classes


In Equipping Classes we explore how to integrate our faith in the major areas of life: learning to grow as followers and ambassadors of Jesus in our homes, at our workplace and in our communities.


Teacher: Bob Stanbery
Location: RM A104
A 6-week gathering of people who are new to BridgePoint Bible Church or who have not had an opportunity to learn about our church or get connected.


THE LOVELIEST PLACE: The Beauty & the Glory of the Church
Teacher: Lee Bouldin
Location: RM A201  
In The Loveliest Place, Dustin Benge explains what makes the church lovely, including the Trinitarian relationship, worship, service, and gospel proclamation. For those who have never learned to view the church as God sees it, or have become disillusioned by its flaws, this book is a reminder that the corporate gathering of believers is a reflection of God’s indescribable beauty.


Teachers: Zeke Zeiler, Brad and Maude Dawson, Andy Hovis
Location: RM A204

Anyone who excels in any discipline, whether it's athletics, music, art, or literature will tell you how important it is to master the fundamentals. The same is true of the Christian life. If you have known or walked with the Lord less than four years, we have designed a class with you in mind. What is the main theme of the Bible? How does the Old and New Testament fit together? What is the plan of salvation? What does Jesus teach us about God?; How to walk in the Spirit? These topics will be discussed together as well as other questions you may have. 

  • What is the theme of the Bible?
  • How were people saved in the Old Testament?
  • What is the main difference between the Old and New Testament?
  • What did Jesus believe about the Bible?
  • What is the purpose of the law? (Ten Commandments, etc)


Teachers: Paul Nelson & Rocky Tsang
Location: RM B209
The letter of Hebrews shows that Jesus is superior to anyone or any system in order to show that He is worthy of total trust and total devotion. It is also written to challenge believers to remain faithful even while facing persecution. Our perseverance and maturity will grow as we gain greater clarity of who Jesus is and what He has accomplished on our behalf. You will be blessed and encouraged as you study this incredible letter with other brothers and sisters.



The Scriptures envision different generations of women standing with and for one another as they follow Christ. BridgePoint Women's ministries are designed with this goal in mind.

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Moms Together

At Moms Together, we truly love being a place to connect and encourage moms during the preschool years! We share and listen, laugh and cry, learn and grow. Click below for more information!

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Spring Bible Study

"Songs of the Coming King"

Feb 1-Apr 27, 2023 | Weds, 7-8:30 PM or Thurs, 10-Noon
Ever wonder why the New Testament begins with the announcement that the Kingdom of God is near? Join BridgePoint Women for Spring 2023 Bible Study as we trace the overarching theme of king and kingdom throughout Scripture in this original study. Learn from God's Word in warm community with other women. Fall in love with the King and see your own royal calling with fresh perspective. 



Our Young Adults group is for 20s and 30s interested in studying scripture together in close-knit community. Weekly Bible Study meets Sunday at 6:30 p.m., with options to join in person or online via Zoom. For more information, contact Margaret.

Soul Care


bpbc-care point

Multiple Days & Times


There are seasons in all our lives where we could benefit by talking through the complexities of life with someone else. CarePoint One-on-One exists to provide the BridgePoint family with the opportunity to discuss those challenges with CarePartners who have completed an in-depth, biblically-based training program and are prepared to walk alongside those who find themselves in times of trial and difficulty.

Click here to contact a CarePartner.


Multiple Days & Times

Prayer Groups

As followers of Christ, we take our responsibility to pray seriously. We have different groups meeting to pray throughout the week, from our Life Groups to our monthly mission prayer, there are plenty of opportunities to pray with other believers. Contact our church office to receive more information about these groups. 

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Men need other men in their lives to help them fight for what matters the most. The Men of BridgePoint ministries are designed to that end. Those ministries include monthly gatherings, weekly guys' groups, and an annual retreat to help the men stand with and for one another as they follow Christ. Click here to request more information.

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Men's Retreat

A weekend getaway to hear from the Word, fellowship with other brothers in Christ and enjoy the outdoors.


Accountability Groups

These are groups of 2-4 guys that meet a few times a month for regular encouragement and accountability.


Service Project

One way that men like to connect is through doing something. We seek to regularly provide opportunities to serve.