Jesus highlighted spiritual receptivity of children when He commended child-like faith to us all. Recognizing that, BridgePoint strongly believes that establishing a solid foundation in Christ in our children and youth is key to our mission of making disciples of all nations.


BridgePoint Early Learning Academy (BELA) is an extension of the Children's Ministry of BridgePoint Bible Church. The Academy provides a safe, nurturing and focused learning environment for children, intentionally laying a firm foundation in social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development. Learning is driven by a recognition of each child's uniqueness, a Christ centered curriculum and by developing loving relationships with children and parents.




The student ministries are designed to develop desciples with a notorious love for Jesus. The four values that drive this aim are the Gospel in all of its glorious fullness, true worship, rich community, and a passionate mission. 


We were not made to go it alone so our connecting and community ministries are designed to help people connect with others and find the encouragement and support we all need to live well. We share our lives, dig into truth, ask questions, share meals, laugh, serve and love…together.


English Club

English Club

BridgePoint Bible Church is located in one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Recognizing that fact, starting BridgePoint International allows us to be true neighbors to our diverse community by providing various classes and services to our international community.