Are Sunday services and classes canceled? Will we livestream?

Due to COVID-19, all events, classes and gatherings will not meet in person until further notice. 

These days are reminding us all how special it is to meet together as a church family. Regular fellowship with other Christians is no small thing. But God’s also teaching us the noble privilege of enduring inconvenience for the good of others. Specifically, God’s calling us to be patient, sacrificial, and creative in the ways we interact.

Considering the information available to us regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to suspend all our in-person Sunday morning worship services and classes through May 15. These measures may feel like an overreaction to some. But we believe this decision will honor the latest CDC recommendations, honor our governing authorities, protect the most elderly and vulnerable, avoid a relentless cycle of decision-making, and create a concrete window of time for us to carve out new rhythms together.

Join us for our livestream service each Sunday at 10:45 AM so we can keep singing, praying, reading, and hearing God’s Word together. To LIVESTREAM, click the link under Resources on the COVID-19 Updates landing page or click here.

Join us often for updates right here on the COVID-19 Updates page for opportunities to meet together through technology and serving, as well as many different resources to keep you edified and connected .

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