Mission & Vision


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ from all nations.

Everyone’s greatest need is Jesus: his life, his death, his resurrection, his cleansing, and his calling. So our mission is making disciples of Jesus Christ from all nations. We want to help people from all nations trust Jesus, follow him, and grow together as his disciples.



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    We baptize a growing number of new believers each year because every member shares the gospel clearly and winsomely with the non-believers in his or her life.

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    Every member participates in transformational community and practices intentional discipleship by investing truth, love, and wisdom in other believers.

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    Every member receives basic training in peacemaking, evangelism, discipleship, and counseling.

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    Every member's primary gifts are identified, and every member is actively committed to serving in the church.

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    BridgePoint groups are praying together daily, seeking spiritual transformation and gospel influence through regular fasting and corporate prayer.

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    BridgePoint is a leading source for accurate, clear, verse-by-verse expository preaching because we believe and teach the whole counsel of God.

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    BridgePoint is an international community with no dominant racial or socioeconomic majority because we welcome, pursue, and model all forms of biblical diversity.

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    BridgePoint International is recognized in our community as an explicitly Christian center providing ESL training, serving refugees, adopting international families, and facilitating intercultural gatherings as a gospel platform.

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    BridgePoint serves the broader church by publicly addressing theological, ethical, cultural, and global issues with biblical discernment.

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    BridgePoint sends and supports missionaries focused on evangelism, discipleship, church planting, theological education, and leadership development.