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Why Membership?

BridgePoint is an independent church which means that the decisions of the church are made right here at BridgePoint.

Members of BridgePoint nominate the church’s leadership and vote on major issues, making membership at BridgePoint more than just a formality. To become a member, you are asked to attend our Exploring Membership classes, agree with our articles of faith, and then meet with two of our elders so that they can hear your faith story.

Exploring Membership

How often?

About Once Per Quarter on Sunday Afternoons

The Exploring Membership class gets into the nuts and bolts of BridgePoint. We discuss the church’s heart and distinctives, governance, finances, staff, etc. while giving you an opportunity to meet with pastors and elders informally. We also share a meal together. If you are considering membership at BridgePoint, this is the place for you.

For more information about the date and time of the next Exploring Membership class, contact the church office: 832.448.1330.