Mission & Distinctives

As Christians, our mission is simply to make disciples. At BridgePoint, we are a people on mission. In Matthew 28, Jesus Christ gives us our marching orders, therefore our desire is to make disciples of Jesus Christ from all nations.


At BridgePoint we like to be up front about our beliefs. We believe that loving God and each other is God’s design for every human being. We believe that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.




Membership at BridgePoint is not like being a member of a country club or civic organization. We want every member to be actively using their God given gifts to serve the church and the community. As members, we seek to love one another unconditionally, gather in community around the God’s word, and make disciples with enthusiasm.

Our Story

BridgePoint Bible Church has a long history within the Houston Community. BridgePoint began in 1933—originally named Spring Branch Community Church. In 2007, we decided to move West into the Energy Corridor. BridgePoint has been instrumental in planting churches, sending hundreds of missionaries around the world, and teaching God’s word faithfully.


Our Team


The Lord has brought together a team of people from across the country to serve the mission of BridgePoint Bible Church. As a team, we seek to relentlessly grow, love and serve.