Church is not just about what happens inside the walls; it's also about what connects with the neighborhood, city and world in which we live. Check out what BridgePoint is doing around the world, in Greater Houston, and right here in the Energy Corridor.

Since its very earliest days, BridgePoint has had a heart to see God's Word go out to peoples all over the globe. This has meant financially supporting work from Central Asia to West Africa to inner-city Houston. But more than that it has meant creating a missional mindset and providing the support, training, and exposure to see many from BridgePoint go near and far for both short-term projects as well as for the long haul. To find yourself making an impact peruse our impact opportunities, consider ways to join in our global ministries, and jump right on in

Global Impact Opportunities

BridgePoint stands with more than 50 ministry partners spread across every continent. We take the care of our ministry partners seriously and opportunities abound to support, minister with, and pray for a wide variety of ministries to some of the world's leach reached. To find out more about global outreach opportunities, contact Russ Oelfke (click name to email).

Short-Term Outreach Trips

Every year BridgePoint sends out a handful of teams of teens and adults to often difficult places. These trips are not designed to provide a feel-good vacation experience, but rather to provide a true helping hand to those who are working long-term. Participants are exposed to dire physical and spiritual needs and get a peek at God’s kingdom breaking through in a lost and hurting world. To find out more about short-term outreach trips, contact Russ Oelfke (click name to email).

Annual Missions Week

Each February BridgePoint takes two Sundays and the week in between to intensely focus on missions and the global partners we support. This is a great opportunity to hear what is happening around the world (and how you might fit in) from those we support as well as from special guest speakers.


BridgePointers love to make a local impact in our neighborhood and throughout the city. While the opportunities change from time to time, chances are you’ll find some of the following opportunities available right now. To find out more about any of local outreach opportunities, contact Russ Oelfke (click name to email).

  • Ministry with at-risk kids
  • Prison ministries
  • Apartment ministries
  • Camping ministries
  • Internet evangelism
  • Recovery ministries
  • School-based Bible clubs
  • Crisis pregnancy ministries
  • Ministry to international students

BridgePoint Early Learning Academy (BELA)

BridgePoint Early Learning Academy is an extension of the Children's Ministry of BridgePoint Bible Church. The Academy provides a safe, nurturing and focused learning environment for children (3 months-4 yrs), intentionally laying a firm foundation in social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development. Learning is driven by a recognition of each child's uniqueness, a Christ centered curriculum and by developing loving relationships with children and parents. Click here to learn more about BELA.


Our priorities...
#1... To listen to people and understand them, keeping their confidences.
#2... To love in the context of community, accepting, affirming and respecting people
#3... To heal through prayer, support, listening and teaching.

One-on-One Appointments: Mondays, 7:00-8:00 pm
There are seasons in all our lives where we could benefit by talking through the complexities of life with someone else. CarePoint One-on-One exists to provide the BridgePoint family with the opportunity to discuss those challenges with CarePartners who have completed an in depth, biblically-based training program and are prepared to walk alongside those who find themselves in times of trial and difficulty. If you have questions, please contact Elaine Turner at: carepoint@bridgepointbible.org or 832.448.1330. For more information or to make an appointment with one of our Care  Partners, please CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM.