Life Groups


Connecting, growing, serving together…

We were not made to go it alone so our Life Groups are designed to help people connect with others and find the encouragement and support we all need to live well. We share our lives, dig into truth, ask questions, share meals, laugh, serve and love…together.

Life Groups are generally composed of 8-15 people from various ages/stages of life. They generally meet once a week for 1 ½ - 2 hours in someone’s home.  Some groups share a meal or light snack with one another, pray together, share their lives, take on an occasional service project and, of course, get into God’s word.

Getting connected to a Life Group...   Sign up online today or stop by our Life Group sign up table on Sunday morning.  We have groups meeting on most nights of the week and in different areas of town, so let us know what works best for you and we’ll make every effort to find a group that’s a perfect fit.

What about childcare? Because Life Groups will meet in homes throughout the area child care at the church will not be provided. However, families with children have found Life Groups workable by turning to one of these options:

  • Some groups have homes that provide space where children of an appropriate age are able to reasonably occupy themselves.
  • If there is more than one family with children in a group, it is sometimes possible for children from both families to bring children to the meeting and employ someone to watch the kids in another room.
  • Parents with newborns can often just bring their babies along without much distraction.
  • The children may be left at home and watched by a babysitter or relative.
  • If financial concerns are significant for a family and paid babysitting is necessary, the church will offer reimbursement up to $25/week/family. That’s how much we believe in Life Groups, and want you to be a part of one