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Life Groups beginning each January and September

Join one of our year-long Life Groups, which provide a great small group experience that has you learning from God’s Word and sharing the experiences of life.

- Once per week, lasting 2 hours
- Regularly throughout the Fall and Spring
- All types of groups: intergenerational, women only, men only, coed
- Purpose: authentic community and spiritual growth

As a pastor, I long for the joy of  knowing that the people of BridgePoint are being known and loved, led and cared for well. It’s in small group communities that people grow best. It’s where we can dig in to truth, ask questions, wrestle with doubts, and press God’s word down into our everyday. It’s where we can find encouragement and support from others who know us and stand with us and pray for us, and where we can do the same for others. It’s where we can link arms in reaching out to and serving others. It’s where you move from being a face in a crowd to becoming a friend in someone’s living room. That’s why at BridgePoint we think Life Groups aren’t just one thing we do, but central to who we are as a church. I hope you will prayerfully consider making room in your life for a Life Group. Sure, they take time and effort and commitment, but I am sure that in the end you’ll be so glad you said yes to Life Groups.  - Pastor Tom Douthit

Life Groups begin in September and January with sign up in the weeks just prior. A list of groups will be made available that includes time, place, leader, and topic as well as an indication if it is for men only, women only, or is a mixed gender group. You can sign up for the group that works best for you.

- Life Groups meet together each week for fellowship, discussion, prayer, and   service. Each Life Group is led by a BridgePoint individual or couple who receive ongoing training throughout the course of the year to ensure the highest quality of leadership and care.
- Life Groups are available in many locations around town (mostly in the homes of fellow BridgePointers), on almost any night of the week, and for people in any stage of life. There are men’s and women’s Life Groups offered (5-7 individuals), as well as co-ed groups of single and married adults (8-10 individuals).
Study Materials:    
- People in their first year of LifeGroups will work through Essentials, a 10-week foundational discipleship study from Grace Bible Church of College Station. The first chapter can be viewed on this page of our website. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW/PRINT CHAPTER 1)
- After your first year in Life Groups, other options will be made available to you, including Bible studies in both Old and New Testaments, as well as   other books by notable Christian authors.

Because Life Groups will meet in homes throughout the area child care at the church will not be provided. However, families with children have found Life Groups workable by turning to one of these options:
- Some groups have homes that provide space where children of an appropriate age are able to reasonably occupy themselves.
- If there is more than one family with children in a group, it is sometimes possible for children from both families to bring children to the meeting and employ someone to watch the kids in another room.
- Parents with newborns can often just bring their babies along without much distraction.
- The children may be left at home and watched by a babysitter or relative.
- If financial concerns are significant for a family and paid babysitting is necessary, the church will offer reimbursement up to $25/week/family. That’s how much we believe in Life Groups, and want you to be a part of one!

For those entering mid-stream at BridgePoint, we have three ways to get connected until the next time Life Groups begin again:
- CONNECTIONPOINT, a one-time gathering at 11:00 am on the third Sunday of each month that gives a chance for you to learn more about BridgePoint and for us to learn more about you. 
- ON-RAMP groups happen every couple of months. These are 5-week small groups that meet in a home and provide folks a fantastic chance to meet others new to BridgePoint as well as learn about what makes BridgePoint tick.
- SUNDAY MORNING FELLOWSHIPS are age/stage groups that you are free to join at any time.