Sunday Fellowship Groups

*As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey has created high water situations in and around BridgePoint, causing our campus to flood. The campus will remain closed until it is safe to return. We will continue to post updates regarding future plans as soon as we have them. Please watch for updates regarding when and where we will hold our next worship service. Please also join us in praying for our city!

Every Sunday morning you will find many of our adults in one of our Sunday Fellowships.  These groups provide a chance for you to link up with folks in your life stage, be a part of some helpful interactive teaching, and become a part of a community that often finds itself enjoying lunch together or getting together for some weekend fun.

- 9:30 AM -

Young Marrieds
Andy  & Allisa Hovis, Marco & Julie Ortiz
9:30 am, Room B209
Enjoying relationships with other couples and looking at life together in light of God’s Word is what the Young Marrieds class is all about.

Young Families
Zeke & Nona Zeiler
9:30 am, Room B202
The world changes when children are brought into the picture in both good and tough ways. Folks in the Young Families class learn to embrace both as they pursue Christ together.

The Corner Stones Class
Mike Sprague
9:30 am, Room A204
This class is mostly made up of couples who are smack in the middle of the rough and tumble of raising kids with a heart for the Lord.

Randy Weiss
9:30 am, A201
Folks in their 40s and 50’s populate this class. Class topics range from books of the bible to marriage  to how to share Christ with others.

- 11:00 AM -

Growing in Grace
Rustin Myers, Lee Bouldin, Ken Voges
11:00 am, Room A201
More than a Sunday morning class, Growing in Grace is a rich community that shares its heart, ponders the Word, and has a whole lot of fun.

Life Builders
Joe Morris, Phil Richman, Paul Nelson
11:00 am, Room B202
Verse by verse and book by book, this group of mostly empty-nesters seeks to be faithful to all that they discover in God’s Word.

Faithful to Follow
Marshall Rorie, Wayne Colburn, Leon Alderfer & Glenn Sommers
11:00 am, Music Suite
A community based group where people know your name and care for each other.  Strong Biblical teaching, Many opportunities to meet outside of class. Open to all ages.

Light Class
Wayne Martin & Ken Rembert
11:00 am, Room B209
This long-standing class is noted for its lively, book-by-book walk through Scripture.

Marriage Preparation Class
At BridgePoint, we want to see couples get off to the best start possible. This 13-week course led by Mark & Linda Baker will cover topics such as differing personality, decision-making, roles and responsibilities, financial issues, sexual intimacy, spiritual life together and a whole host of other topics that will provide rich conversation and a solid marriage foundation. Classes are offered as demand requires. Contact Mark and Linda.