Hurricane Harvey Response

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Hurricane Harvey recently ravaged Houston and south Texas. This devastation has created immediate and long-term needs in our church and our community. But along with this disaster comes a very special stewardship: to love one another and our neighbors in quick, wise, and practical ways, so that we alleviate hardship and display the love of Christ. We want to bring (1) relief and (2) rebuilding, while cultivating (3) relationships that express the gospel all along the way.

BridgePoint is located in west Houston. Our building took on 3.5 feet of water, and many homes and businesses in our area have taken on much more. In some neighborhoods near our building, floodwaters are expected to remain for weeks, and the overall effects of Hurricane Harvey will last for years.


Update from BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston:
1. Meeting at Houston Christian High School 2. Building status 3. Ministries 4. Flooded members 5. Visiting teams 6. Giving opportunities 7. Stories