Although BridgePoint Bible Church has a detailed and comprehensive Statement of Faith, we can sum up much of what we believe in the following words...

WE BELIEVE that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God and as such allows us to confidently know about God Himself and about how we should live in relationship with Him and others.

WE BELIEVE that just as God calls us to community with Himself, He Himself is a God of community, existing in the form of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all of whom are worthy of equal honor and praise.

WE BELIEVE that all humankind was created by and for God, but that the human race has consistently chosen its own path away from God, both individually and corporately. The result of humanity's choice has been a broken relationship with God.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life and through His death and resurrection has provided a way for all who trust in Him to have their sins forgiven and to enter into relationship with Him.

WE BELIEVE that simultaneous with an individual's trust in the person and work of Christ, the gift of God's Spirit is given to the individual so that life with God can be lived out by Christ's strength and on His terms.

WE BELIEVE in life after death for everyone who has lived. Those who have trusted in Christ will enjoy a relationship with Him forever, but those who have not trusted in Him will incur the wrath of a God whose offer of forgiveness and reconciliation has been rejected.

At BridgePoint our mission is simply this: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ from all nations." 

These ten points describe the future we’re seeking at BridgePoint.

1. We baptize a growing number of new believers each year because every member shares the gospel clearly and winsomely with the non-believers in his or her life.
2. Every member participates in transformational community and practices intentional discipleship by investing truth, love, and wisdom in other believers.
3. Every member receives basic training in peacemaking, evangelism, discipleship, and counseling.
4. Every member's primary gifts are identified, and every member is actively committed to serving in the church.
5. BridgePoint groups are praying together daily, seeking spiritual transformation and gospel influence through regular fasting and corporate prayer.
6. BridgePoint is a leading source for accurate, clear, verse-by-verse expository preaching because we believe and teach the whole counsel of God.
7. BridgePoint is an international community with no dominant racial or socioeconomic majority because we welcome, pursue, and model all forms of biblical diversity.
8. BridgePoint International is recognized in our community as an explicitly Christian center providing ESL training, serving refugees, adopting international families, and facilitating intercultural gatherings as a gospel platform.
9. BridgePoint serves the broader church by publicly addressing theological, ethical, cultural, and global issues with biblical discernment.
10. BridgePoint sends and supports missionaries focused on evangelism, discipleship, church planting, theological education, and leadership development.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

While it might seem as though BridgePoint Bible Church is the “new kid on the block” (having only moved to our Katy Freeway location in June 2007), BridgePoint is actually the “next step” in a visionary ministry to impact west Houston and beyond with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ that began 80 years ago.

In 1933, as the westward expansion of Houston was pushing toward the Spring Branch area, several key leaders envisioned a church that would embrace the needs and opportunities of the growing community. Shortly thereafter Spring Branch Community Church was planted on Long Point Road. That would be our home for the next 74 years.

Over those years God would grow a passionate community of Christ-followers who would be instrumental in planting a number of churches throughout the greater Houston area, sending hundreds of missionaries out to serve around the world, starting camps and clubs and more, all with a view to helping others take their next steps with God.  

In 2002, as we began to pray and plan, God made it clear that He had a “next step” in mind for the entire church. Over the next 5 years the Lord would help us take many “God-sized” steps as we purchased land, crafted building and ministry plans, built our new campus, changed our name, said good-bye to our long-time home and moved to our new location on the Katy Freeway just west of Eldridge Parkway.

As evidence that God is “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,” BridgePoint Bible Church opened her doors on June 10, 2007! Since that date, God has continued to call BridgePoint forward in reaching out to her most obvious neighbors in the Energy Corridor as well as to those in need across the globe.

Pathway to Membership
BridgePoint is an independent church which means that the decisions of the church are made right here at BridgePoint. Members of BridgePoint nominate the church’s leadership and vote on major issues, making membership at BridgePoint more than just a formality. To become a member, you are asked to attend our Exploring Membership classes, agree with our articles of faith, and then meet with two of our elders so that they can hear your faith story.  

Exploring Membership
Takes Place About Once Per Quarter    
Sunday Afternoons
The Exploring Membership class gets into the nuts and bolts of BridgePoint. We discuss the church’s heart and distinctives, governance, finances, staff, etc. while giving you an opportunity to meet with pastors and elders informally. We also share a meal together. If you are considering membership at BridgePoint, this is the place for you. For more information about the date and time of the next Exploring Membership class, contact the church office: 832.448.1330.